Team 14

Do you enjoy fun times in the sun, making new friends and an endless supply of jokes – if so then join team 14! Phenix is a summer camp veteran and loves hanging by the pool and sipping a beverage but is also down to engage in drinking games and other camp activities. Joe is also a themed party champion and will ensure that our team crushes the decades party. During the school year, you can usually find Phenix and Joe both on various trips with our MBA friends (we love to travel) and we try not to take ourselves to seriously. We’re both very easy going and friendly and want to help you have the best time possible at camp Mtrek while kicking off your Ross journey with a camp experience you won’t forget!

Team leaders:

Joseph Ripple
Hometown:  Milwaukee, WI
Undergrad:  Marquette University
Career interest:  Social Impact and International VC
Favourite thing in AA:
The University of Michigan Golf Course student pass

Phenix Byrd
Hometown:  Cary, North Carolina
Undergrad:  Duke
Career interest:  Tech
New MBA1s must know:
Detroit cookie co probably has the best desserts in Ann Arbor (think 20+ cookie flavors and one of the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had)