Erik Mensch & Emily Faltesek


Erik grew up in Minnesota, worked at Target as an analyst for four years before coming to Ross. He will be interning at Amazon this summer in Finance.

How would your partner describe you? Sarcastic, fun, loves to push his own and other’s comfort zones
If you were a drink, what would you be? Mojito – easy-going, sweet and a bit sour but refreshing.
Describe your perfect MTrek day: Surfing in the morning (maybe, I’ve never actually surfed), a little light day drinking and snacking at the pool/beach, cook an awesome dinner, and transition into night drinking.


Emily also grew up in Minnesota, and last worked as a buyer at Target before coming to Michigan, where she works as a buyer for Art Van Furniture.

How would your partner describe you? Fun, adventurous, willing to try anything, driven, and not afraid of a debate.
If you were a drink, what would you be? Moscow Mule – spicy, stronger than you think, great in hot or cold weather, in an awesome, shiny container
Describe your perfect MTrek day A mix of adventure and relaxing – try something new, then spend the rest of the day low-key hanging out