Leo Cortez

Going, going, back to back, to Cali! Not to fall short on Cali natives, Leo is also a So-Cal homie with a penchant for Mexican food and In n Out. Although he does hail from Stanford, his cooking abilities have secured him a homie status, that becomes compromised during Stanford v Cal discussion. He is also, possibly one of the most interesting dudes at Ross. Prior to B school, Leo was a bad** on the oil rig turned I-banker. At Ross Leo is involved just about everything, skeeps, Scotch society, did I mention SKeeps? Jk kinda… Never sorry partying , catch this guy on Thursday night for a guaranteed epic night out! In Bali, Leo and Maggie will be among the few non-swimmers hanging ten.

Likes: Mexico Soccer, eating strange things all over the world, cooking
Dislikes: US National soccer team, country music, San Francisco traffic