Abbey Maglaris

From finishing a full bottle of white wine at every Bus tailgate to her ongoing love affair with pho and other staples of Asian cuisine, Abbey is a woman of impeccable taste. This fact was even confirmed by one of Ann Arbor’s top drag queens, a moment that may prove to be the pinnacle of Abbey’s b-school career. When Abbey brings her taste-maker stylings to the Fireball-soaked ragefests on the dance floors of Skeeps and Rick’s, fellow Rossers flock to break out “The Abbey” alongside her. “What’s The Abbey?” you might ask. Imagine that a twerk and the Cha Cha Slide had a child, and that child was adopted and raised by MC Hammer. Mind blown yet? If you’re ready for an incredible adventure with delicious food, amazing people, and memories (or lack thereof) to last a lifetime, Abbey wants to kick it Korean style and be your new bestie. If not, she has two words for you: “Girl, bye.”