Abbie Liederman

The hair of Justin Trudeau, the wisdom of Alex Trebek, and the body and sex appeal of Drew Carey, Abbie is our resident Canadian and she will NOT let you forget it. As the leader of Follies and BUS management, Abbie has contributed nothing of academic or professional value to the Ross community, and frankly we’re a little concerned she got through the admissions filter. What she lacks in academic rigour though, she makes up for in inane facts about Canada and all the secrets she keeps in her luscious hair. And while she may not be the hero we asked for, by god she’s the hero we got. Where are we staying on this trip? Ask Abbie. What are we doing each day? Abbie’s got it on lock. Do we have any granola bars? Probably, Abbie gets snacky. It’s fair to assume that Abbie has the equal and exact inverse amount of knowledge re: this trip as Andrew. But what this pint-sized (she’s 5”…but a tall 5”, really more 5”1) powerhouse, consultant-in-training lacks in stature she makes up for in zesty one-liners and b*thcin’ dance moves which will be on full display in Cape Town. As our only leader with any South African roots (¼ of this glorious specimen), Abbie is excited to honor the proud and noble heritage of her ancestors by making sure we all rage our beautiful faces off. She has also generously volunteered as tribute in the event of said stampede (re: Rachel’s bio) and will gladly buy us all time as we run to the Jeep.


Likes: Robin Sparkles,‘ronas & ‘ritas, red lipstick, Justin Trudeau’s bum

No No zone: saying that New York bagels > Montreal bagels