Ada Shelegova

USSR born and Russia raised, Ada’s fun fact collection is as dry and cold as Stoli on the rocks. From sunny severe Siberia to tropical islands of Galapagos, she is truly excited to finally swim in water warmer than 60 degrees and to have summer last for more than one day. She mysteriously got into Ross after applying to only one school… in the third round… but we promise, she passed the background check. More mysteriously, she got elected Corporate Finance VP at Ross – rumor has it, the votes were “miscalculated”. She describes herself as a “risk taking accountant”. And while we don’t know exactly what that means, we are just relieved she is not recruiting for Enron ventures investment banking. She spent her summer hacking learning software systems at a Seattle based tech giant and developing that “growth mindset” (aka genuine smiling abilities). Don’t judge her by the russian-like resting face, she is due to remove braces any day now. And don’t forget to make friends with her on the hiking trails, she may have some performance enhancing drugs snacks on her to share.