Adam Wilson

Adam is a veteran of Mystery 4.0 and a mystery, himself. Whispers of his tale follow every step of his path to the No-No Zone. He was born in the scenic town of Oakland, CA and later drove his Cadillac to St. Louis to work for the legendary musical artist Nelly. Enraged by being left as an alternate on the Derrty Ent softball team, Adam moved to China- the land of freedom money and opportunity. He has travelled to remote Tibetan monasteries, has been robbed by Triads and corrupt police, and sustained himself for years on a diet of barbequed “meats” and snake baijiu. He has counted cards at casinos across southeast Asia and is likely on a first name basis with several Bond villians. Burt Reynolds is his spirit guide. There’s risk-averse, there’s risk-neutral, and there’s Adam. Shenanigans will ensue.

Favorite Hashtag: #WhitePeopleProblems

Influential 90’s Show: Ren & Stimpy