Adi Singhal

Hailing from India by way of Atlanta, Adi is our reformed consultant and resident heartthrob – he’s made many ladies’ and more than a few gentleman’s hearts swoon.  An all-around good guy, he’s been voted Just Better at Life Than the Rest of Us.  He’s not a standout rager, but he’ll be there for every blackout night you have, pace you, and make it out unscathed.  He may even make sure you get enough water before you pass out and won’t even judge you the next day.  He’s just a good dude like that.  If you are really lucky, he may pull out his kangaroo onesie (we have pictures), but he doesn’t really like talking about it.  Regardless, you should ask him.  That and about his adventures around the world.  Adi is our travel guru, having trekked through southeast Asia, wandered the Andes in Bolivia and Colombia, completed his MAP in Ghana, and everything in between.  He will make sure your Albanian adventure is one to remember.