Afua “Wild Card” Aidoo

What you see is not always what you get… Sometimes it’s more! Afua is that friend you want in your corner – the reliable and creative one who gets you out of tight corners, the one who brings the bottle of wine for a night in (even if it’s just to get the bottle she doesn’t like out of her eyesight). She appears as sweet as a person can be, but make sure you listen the first time she pronounces her name or you’ll get some subtle side jabs throughout the trip. Afua is always the best dressed in her own designs… If you see a whirl of color dance by you at Ross, then you know that Afua just walked past you wearing one of her colorful creations. Still not sure why she chose designing “financial models” over dresses for “models”. Want to know more? Join this trek!

Do not ask: about Manchester United F.C and Aman’s bio-writing skills

Definitely ask: about the continent of Africa (will do her best to answer or connect you to someone who can), Chelsea F.C, and all things food