Akash Khare

Akash is best known for his ability to immediately fall asleep on any moving vehicle (#akashtime). When he is awake, he’s got a joke (or pickup line? We’re never really sure) for basically every scenario and is almost never seen eating anything without red pepper chili flakes. He also considered almost every other professional school before landing on business school (ask him about that time he almost was a doctor), and now that he’s here, he makes a habit of asking every prospective employer if he’ll get equity. If that wasn’t enough, he also had early cricket and violin aspirations and, based on his Instagram, could probably also shoot for a little Olympic beach volleyball. He’s also not quite sure if he’s a domestic or international student (and basically only drinks Corona – cause that makes sense), but he’ll figure it out at some point, we’re sure. What can we say – he’s a well-rounded guy.

Before Ross, Akash was an electrical engineer, decided he liked talking to people too much, and switched into consulting – but only after a next-level trip around the world that left him with only a carry-on for his first couple weeks of school. Yeah, we all knew his wardrobe fairly well at that point. At Ross, he does all the fancy data things as part of DIAG, is the Director of Finance for the Energy Club, and generally treats the entire campus as his personal improv stage (yeah, babyyy!). He can’t wait to meet all of you and do a little bit of this, little bit of that as we bop around Brazil!