Alain Lefevre

Alain is from West Philadelphia, born and raised (que Will Smith)–not really, but that’s what he tells people since the suburbs of Philly is bleh. After undergrad, Alain worked in environmental consulting before heading into the dark side aka the chemicals industry (dun dun dunnn). As you’d expect, the dark side pays better and bourbon ain’t cheap. To make it up to mother nature, Alain is committed to drinking only sustainably sourced alcoholic beverages–whatever that means.

On MTrek you will find me: At a number of places, i.e. belly up at a local dive bar or day-raging at a rooftop bar. Variety is the spice of life. #5AMCrew

If I were a drink I would be: Whiskey neat, because… I’m a classic man.

Day drinking or night drinking: Um, all of the above? I’m all about building bridges across communities, no need to pit one against the other.

Fun fact: Alain is co-president of the Malt&Blue whiskey club at Ross. His liver demands an election recount–but will he take it?