Alden Smith

Some people call him a Harry Potter understudy, but with his cool, calm demeanor, Alden shares more in common with Top Gun’s Iceman…but don’t worry, he won’t be snapping his teeth at anyone in the locker room. Alden has lived on both coasts — and in Asia — but considers himself a Masshole above all (and might be the only Rosser who wishes the Starbucks gets replaced with a Dunkin Donuts). When not cramming a case five minutes before class or running through the Arb, Alden can often be found having one-way philosophical debates with his three canine housemates or “networking” on a certain social network app that begins with a “G.” Although this will be his first time to Italy, he has previouly summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, so have no doubt that he’ll help set the pace as we conquer the Dolomites. His quick wit makes him a formidable opponent at cards against humanity, but Fotch is really his game…join us and try to steal his title!