Aleksa Miskinis

As a consummate “yellow” in the Michigan Model of Leadership (don’t worry, this will be drilled into you during orientation over and over….and over again), Aleksa is very generous with her likes and loves of people’s iMessages. Aleksa’s hobbies include playing tennis, finding new puppies to follow on Instagram and re-watching old episodes of Friends. After a few tequila-soda-limes, Aleksa can often be found Irish exiting from bars so for those who are still fun but love to hit the hay early, Aleksa is your gal. This tendency might explain why she has somehow only been hungover only once in her life – a tradition that will surely end on this trip. If she is ever out late, she can usually be spotted at HopCat eating nachos and crack fries.

Before returning to her Midwestern roots at Ross, Aleksa worked in investor services at a private equity firm. Aleksa began her first-year at Ross bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a focus on social impact, so naturally, this summer will be helping the world by consulting with Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in NYC.