Alex Bozzo aka Boz aka Dooley

Big sales guy. Big tech guy. Big BUS guy. But most importantly, Boz is a big Ross guy. He single handedly planned more Ross events and joined more clubs than anyone knew possible, all while rocking floral prints. Boz is the obvious dad of the group cause a) he’s old and b) just refer to a. This former Uber exec knows what it’s like to spend the money and (not) reap the profits. He’s the planner of the group to the point that the rest of the MBA2s don’t know what’s going on but are blindly following along. Want to listen to some jams on the trip? Odds are that Boz has a speaker that he’s already blaring and using to get wildly close to getting kicked out of whatever establishment he has gotten us into. Brace yourself for Boz’s heartwarming speeches with oversized bottles of alcohol (peep the photo above).