Alex “Lowy” Lowy

Ross’ favorite retired macroeconomist and Bloomberg TV star, Lowy hails from New York City and came to Ann Arbor via Philadelphia where he was a used economic data salesman. Since being announced as Consulting Club Co-President, Lowy has been on a power trip worthy of only Logan Roy. He doesn’t need, he DEMANDS excellence. Just look at his transcript. Middle-shelf bottle service at LIVE? NOT HIS TABLE. Despite his god-like perfection, Lowy is no stranger to getting sloppy on the dance floor. One of his iconique ear to ear smiles will make you instantly forget the amount of student debt that you’re in. Serving as resident “MTrek Daddy,” he will lead us fearlessly into the depths of the underground rave scene of Budapest and DRAG US TO HELL (and then safely back to Ann Arbor for your Excel boot camp).