Alex Perrin aka Dua Lipa

Hello Ladies. Look at your man. Now, look at Alex Perrin. Now, look back at your man. Sadly he isn’t Alex Perrin. But you could be on this trip with Alex Perrin. Now look down. You’re on a camel.

If this guy looks familiar it’s because he’s the man that was rocking your face off as the lead singer of Risky Business. (This is basically just a Risky Business world tour and we’re his groupies.) Alex is bound to find us a karaoke bar and impress the locals with his rendition of Mr. Brightside.

Alex is from New York….well just outside of New York. Well…New Jersey. This former consultant is heading to the dark underbelly of online gambling at DraftKings. Don’t ask him about the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament (unless you have 3 hours to hear about how it was the best day of his life), instead ask him about the time UMBC beat UVA as a 16 seed. This Ross rockstar will always light up the dance floor and be sure that this trek is always on beat.