Alex “the Russian Bear” Shushunov

Early frontrunner for “most likely to commit piracy” on the trip, Alex is the enormous hug you never knew you wanted. Don’t let his jailhouse tats, imposing size, or inability to maintain conversation with polite society fool you. He is a bear, but it’s of the teddy variety. When not waxing poetic about his time as a helicopter pilot or adventures on the high seas, Alex can be found enjoying a mani-pedi and working on his lifelong goal of securing the bag by becoming a trophy husband. On Mtrek, count on Shush to be our “fix man”, swinging in to land a cool experience hang gliding or some sh*t OR fronting with his fluent Russian to finagle you out of a sticky situation (when he’s not chasing the ‘Tinderellas). An Army Blackhawk pilot in a former life, he will be taking his talents to GE Aviation this summer as part of his transition to corporate sell-out before flying out to raise the Black Sea’s standards on debauchery.