Alexa “Alexxxxa” Yurick

Meet Alexa! No, not that Alexa. The real life Alexa. One of the last real life Alexa’s to likely roam this beautiful earth. The only commands you and your new Alexa will yell back and forth to each other will be about chugging faster, cranking the music up louder, and taking more photos of our kickass trip. Our very own Manhattan-born-and-raised girl has adjusted well to life in Michigan. Alexa traded in her Sex and the City Cosmos for extra long beer bongs at the bus and an endless supply of White Claws. However, our city girl has not learned the art of getting iced. Not in the U.S., Spain, or Portugal. But here’s to hoping things will improve for this year’s MTrek. Alexa is known for her laughing fits, beauty, and ability to make literally anything fun. We are honestly unsure why Alexa’s wrist has been sprained for 6 months, but rest assured it is not from punching anyone. Even though Alexa only wears black, she is very sweet and kind, making sure that everyone is fed ample pizza and enjoying themselves *mostly* responsibly.