Alexa Guzman

After conquering the streets of NYC and Philly, Alexa “GUZ” Guzman is ready for M.I.A. There’s a few things to know about this globetrottin’ girl – first off, the GUZ can booze. Throughout the trip, know that the GUZ will 1) frequently drink you under the table, 2) leverage her whiskey-crushing skills to dominate any and all trivia, and 3) ensure that the M.I.A. crew bonds to the same level as her own prior MTrek. In fact, friends and comrades frequently cite her and Mark’s obsession with their own trek as both extremely annoying and ammunition to prepare an equally incredible experience for this year’s group. Alexa came to Ross after realizing her undergraduate Wharton education wasn’t quite good enough, and she is ready for the tech world after years of managing men’s merch at Macy’s. At Ross, Alexa balances her time being active in marketing and tech clubs, HBSA, complaining about how far she lives from school, and continuously trying to get into yoga.