Alexis Morath and Adam Harris



Hometown: Greenville, SC
Favorite Band/Artist: Bon Iver
Favorite Movie: Hidden Figures
Favorite Book: Shantaram
Why you want to hang out with me: I’ve always got the snacks.
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: He enjoys pluralizing words not intended to be plural….
Hidden Talent: I can do the worm backwards.
Perfect MTrek Day: Morning – Physical Activity / City Exploration; Afternoon – Cultural Activity / Sight-Seeing; Evening – Dinner & Drinks w/ our MTrek and any interesting locals we happen to meet.
Favorite thing about Ross: The close-knit community and being a member of Section 3!
Anything else? Have MOOR fun with us in Marrakech!


Hometown: Orrville, OH
Favorite Band/Artist: Chris Demundo’s Greatest Hits
Favorite Movie: Mean Girls
Favorite Book: Running for My Life – Lopez Lomong
Why you want to hang out with me: I’m full of useless trivia
Weirdest Quirk about my partner: Alexis is a semi pro hip-hop dancer
Hidden Talent: Alexis seems to always be “surprised” when I do athletic things, so I’ll go with hand-eye coordination
Perfect MTrek Day: I still haven’t seen the itinerary for this trip. Where are we going again? I hope there is sangria and a beach…
Favorite thing about Ross: Partners Club, Ski Trip, Football Games, Listening to Devan talk about recruiting
Anything else? I recently went to Marrakech restaurant at Epcot, so I’m officially qualified to be your MTrek Leader