Ali Frieder – VP of DJing

Raised in the Great State of New Jersey (#GTL 4 lyfe), Ali graduated from WashU with a bachelor’s degree in international studies and intends to leverage that degree for the very first time in planning this MTrek. Ali has spent her career improving healthcare with technology and plans to continue doing so because she is genuinely a good person (cough unlike JD cough cough). We looked for negative things to say about Ali, but her close friends were either unwilling to speak with us or disappeared mysteriously. We did get ahold of her twin sister, Jess, who confirmed that Ali is indeed the evil one of the two. In all seriousness, Ali is one of the most caring and reliable leaders a trekker could ever ask for, and is always down for anything. Whether you are looking to crush beer towers until 4am or enjoy a relaxing night in, Ali will be by your side with a warm smile on her face. In her free time, Ali spends copious hours cultivating tracks for you to dance to and will be sure our bus rides will never be without some bangin’ tunes.