Ali Saleh

Ali was convinced by Jared to help lead this trek because he was promised $5 Rolex knockoffs and prime restructuring rates on his student loans. Ali is probably best known for only having two outfits when at Ross: business professional or gym clothes where the beanie, top, and shoes always match. Don’t let the extreme dress codes trick you. This So-Cal kid is so well-versed in fashion that he is always in flip-flops. Ali can often be found at the Detroit airport during the winter, either trying to escape the cold and get back to failing at shredding some waves in the California sunshine or taking a trip to Las Vegas because that’s the right thing to do. When Ali is in Ann Arbor, you can find him out on a sticky dance floor at one of the classiest low-rated bars the town has to offer. Ali is excited to meet the incoming class of 2019, instill his knowledge that sleep is a waste of time in grad school, and find some early morning grub spots in Southeast Asia with the most adventurous team.