Allie Taikowski

As “trip mom” and official trek CEO, what Allie says goes. Despite her interests in using data to improve global health, when you’re struggling to finish your 17th Pad Thai of the trip, she’ll be the one behind you yelling to finish – sodium levels be damned! Allie is the most prototypical Taurus you’ll ever meet – she loves X-TREME luxury, comfort and relaxation. She  also shares a lot in common with her fellow Taureans: down-to-earth like Adele, will rip your face off like The Rock, devilishly attractive like David Beckham, and has some sort of ominous power like Queen Elizabeth. The thing Allie loves most in life is her rescue pup Olive, sometimes even more than her husband JD (who, despite also being great, is a trek leader on the much-less-great trip to Greece & Turkey #shotsfired). In all reality, we’ve had to unfollow/refollow her multiple times on Insta because of Olive post fatigue (the limit might exist?…although to be 100% fair, the dog is damn cute). She went to school at Dartmouth where she became best friends with Keggy the Keg before turning towards a career in the healthcare industry. As the most fashionable gal at Ross, you will always be able to spot Allie from her stylish ‘fit – even in 100% humidity #dewey.

Two truths, one lie:

1) Allie is a former competitive pole vaulter nicknamed Blonde Lightening

2) Allie is the #1 evangelist for Rent the Runway in the continental US. To date she has converted 6868490 new members

3) Allie once ate 69 habanero Slim Jim meat sticks in 1 hour