Allison Murphy

Allie “Murphdog Millionaire” is, and has always been, a woman of high class and even higher (booze) tolerance. Notorious for taking any bottle of Rosé to completion, it is rumored she is the inspiration of the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street. From the posh suburbs of Dallas, to the oasis of the Hamptons, Allie has cornered the market on fermented grape commodities, and is a master in the art of the hard sell-tzer. As she begins her ascension into the elite ranks of investment bankers, trekkers and traders alike are in a frenzy to take part in her I.P.O. (Initial Portugal Offering), as it will no doubt pay dividends for the remainder of their careers. Like Jordan Belfort, Allie believes “there is no nobility in sobriety,” so if you want to keep pace with this blue chipper and be a WINNER, you better “Pick up the phone, and start dialin’ [it up].”