Amrit “Birdman” Rathi

Enter Amrit “The Lord of the Dance” Rathi, transplanting from Bay Area life to the rugged lower peninsula of Michigan. Nothing quite tops the list of accomplishments than being on the BUS crew….and our dear Amrit will be returning as a BUS veteran this year to lead us all to tailgate victory. He’s got the dance moves and a spot on the board to get your BUS application approved – so don’t hold back on this trip, it could be your audition! Known to close down Ross’s venerable establishments Rick’s and Skeep’s, you’ll never miss Amrit in his element clerbing at Europe’s wildest nightspots. Unless you see a flock of birds, then homeboy is out of sight (fear of avians is real yo). You can also count on him to teach you the building blocks of business from his time as CPA (lol nerdddd) and how to schmooze your way into a consulting internship. But consulting is only the next stop in Amrit’s trajectory to F500 CEO. If you’re lucky, he might just take you under his wing (get it? a bird pun).