Andi Waghelstein

Andi Waghelstein, our resident MacGyver, is the ultimate world traveler of “Ricksaragua” (unless you ask Will). Game for any adventure, she quit her job and booked her around-the-world ticket the moment she got her acceptance call from Ross. This (wannabe) yogi will woo you with her wit, own you on the dance floor, and melt you with a scalp massage. Andi will amaze you with her uncanny ability to plan a rockin’ good time on a moment’s notice – her resume of extracurricular planning includes curling in Canada, impromptu tailgates and, well, most of this MTrek. Lover of lumbersexuals, Andi owns it on top of the BUS and with fellow members of the Tribe. As Trip Yenta, Andi will make sure you are well fed, plenty drunk and will teach you about how to get drunken trip leaders home safely. Just don’t call her Andrea. Signature Dance Move: Shake It Off