Andres Sheppard

Meet Andres, resident MTREK DAD and purveyor of all fine Greenwich/Montauk things. Originally from Uruguay, but raised in Greenwich and NYC, Andres is blessed with a vast international tool-kit. He is fluent in 5 languages, able to “cheers” you in over 10 languages, and is equipped with romantic expressions in 12 more. He is well-versed in Whiskey but versatile in all alcohol. Andres is particularly excited to meet the incoming class of MBAs, as he may try to discuss Rugby with you or Finance and the most recent trends in the Equity markets. In the summer, this God resides in Montauk and can be found at all hours of the day mastering his drinking tolerance at Gurneys or Ruschmeyers. Look for him to also be a “Forza” at the beach clubs and night discos of the infamous Ibiza – and don’t plan on sleeping. From Bottomless pit of whiskey neats, to Flyhalf, to Conquistador, to Portfolio Manager, to GOD of International Sweet-Talking, Andres is your universal remote and the man with the plan. Salud!