Andrew Hartman

Andrew is from Minnesota. Enough said.

Hewn from sturdy Minnesotan and Norwegian roots, Andrew is what would happen if you put Miracle-gro on Dave. Hailing from the exotic reaches of St. Cloud, Minnesota, Andrew has come to Ross for one purpose and one purpose only. To drink as much light beer and play as much hockey as he possibly can, so we can all tip our hats off to this viking as he has indeed drank all the light beer and played all the hockey. As president of the hockey club, Andrew’s first decree was to rename goals to “you betcha’s”. He’s not a one trick pony though, you can also find him crushing the slopes on his board, and while he might blend in with the snow, you can find him by the steady stream of “brahs” echoing off the hill. Don’t be fooled by his sturdy, pale exterior though, Andrew has a softer side…really more of an undying passion…zest if you will…for penguins. Where are we staying on this trip? Don’t ask Andrew. What are we doing each day? Andrew has no clue. Are we seeing penguins? Ask Andrew. We’re not sure if its their shared affinity for the cold or that if you squint real hard and stand at a distance they could (maybe) look like hockey pucks, but what we do know is that Andrew is going to be squealing louder than a 13 year old girl at a One Direction concert when we get to Boulder Beach.

Likes: ‘Ritas, being friendly, hockey, drinking things

No no zone: people from Wisconsin