Andrew Sugar

A true man of mystery, Sugar is everything you would expect from an ex-Googler born and raised in SoCal  — and then a whole lot more that makes no sense at all. He is smoothly suave, yet tells truly horrific dad jokes (you have been warned); unequivocally manly, yet still has not discovered that baseball caps can be worn forwards; and thoughtfully cultured, yet identifies with Seth Cohen from The OC. If you’re confused by him, don’t worry. We are, too. But still, no one is better at lending an ear and dishing out genuinely insightful life and career advice. When Sugar isn’t getting #swole at the gym or downward dogging in a yoga studio, you can find him at a dim-lit whiskey bar eating deviled eggs and asking the server every question possible about every menu item. His hobbies include looking for love in all the wrong places, not buttoning top buttons, pushing Emily’s buttons, lighting candles, and referencing Curb Your Enthusiasm. Will you understand Sugar after traveling with him in SE Asia? Probably not. But be ready to try.