Andy Youn

Do not let the disguise fool you, this man is a far cry from “prim and proper.”  A thrill-seeker by day and a whiskey drinker by night, Andy will most likely be the first to dive in with the sharks of South Africa and the last degenerate out on the streets of Cape Town.  If you are fancy and you want an old-fashioned or a gold rush cocktail during our pregames, feel free to ask him. Andy will be our most obnoxious leader with his plethora of lame jokes, so you’ll want to join the rest of the MTrek leaders in filtering him out.  After surviving the hell that is consulting recruiting, Andy has aspired to be the Prez of Asians-made-in-America and the Ross Improv group. If anyone cares to know, he is from the City of Angels and a USC Trojan at heart.