Apoorva Kanneganti

Apoorva is a very sober, quiet and demure student at Ross (lies). She is very academically inclined (Ok, maybe) and does not believe in partying or indulging in spirits (OMG LIES). She enjoys long walks on the beach (in Key West on Spring Break…In the Real World House), lively conversation and her idea of a perfect date is April 25th (LIES, IT’S CLIMBING MACCHU PICCHU WITH HER BARE HANDS). Apoorva comes from a consulting background (CONSULTING FOR T-RHETT) and is now moving into the health-tech startup space (Dr. MCDREAMY IS HER NICKNAME) Apoorva is the epitome of goodness (OMG WHO IS WRITING THIS?) and is looking forward to mentoring incoming students (GETTING YA RATCHET) and helping them through the recruiting process (IF YOU GET HER MINDPROBES).