Ariana “Rosita” Paul

Dionysus might be the official Greek god of partying, but our very own Greek goddess is out to give him a run for his money. When the resident Sporty Spice isn’t breaking you down on the basketball court with her sweet jump shot, you can find her at all the Ross parties AND the afterparties which is where she really shines. This Energizer Bunny is a founding member of #TeamNoSleep and will keep the party going even if she has an 8AM flight the next day. All those afterparties will be fueled by 90s music, which if it was a drug, would make Ariana the Keith Richards of our time. When she’s not out until the wee hours, the techie of the group will be drowning in data at SC Johnson this summer. A girl with a big heart and bigger laugh (even for our bad jokes), Ariana is here to guarantee you have a great MTrek and bring out your inner night owl in Peru!