Avery Scurlock

Last but definitely not least we have Avery, who is the perfect gentleman to close the loop on this band of non-basic beaches. He claims to be from Chicago, but that is debatable, although he hold Bulls’ season tickets. Unlike with Emma who makes sure you are fed, Avery will eat everything in sight.. The man is always eating and has the magical power of always being hungry, especially around free food. Like MacCalvin and Lexy, he is part of the BUS Crew (BTW, Emma and Enrique are also part of the BUS Crew, how have you not picked us yet?!?!). But back to Avery…also like Lexy, he likes to shop and has an an insane amount of shoes (apparently that is like a thing). Avery met Enrique at Crisis Challenge and he can tell you the man is smooth and relaxed under pressure. So you can feel safe abroad with this guy, he’s got your back. For these and many more reasons, Avery is not your basic beach!