Avril Prakash

Avril was voted most likely to do a full Korean skincare routine after closing down the club. This ability to balance party with professionalism is probably why she’s wasting her remaining good years getting an MBA from Ross and an MPP from Ford. Being born in New Delhi, raised in Singapore, and made in San Diego has given her a sense of easygoing, worldliness that impresses Boomers.

Prior to grad school, Avril worked for a member of Congress and did government relations for the University of California system, so her smooth talking can get you into any bar without a valid ID (ask Jay Chen!). While Avril is the poster child for glamping, she has also hiked Icelandic glaciers, motorbiked through Vietnam, and ridden camels in the Thar. Any time spent with her on this trip will include recreating Boyz II Men music videos, bootlegging Jeopardy episodes, and wearing athleisure.