Ayo Ayodele

Ayo Ayodele, formerly a SCOUT.com 5-star recruit and blessed with off-the-chart physical abilities, initially kept a small army of recruiters on the edge of their seat with no indication of where he’d end up for this year’s MTREK- but come Signing Day, the Associated Press’ frontrunner for Rookie of the Year has inked the dotted line for the returning National Champs, the former Party with the Gods M-Trek crew. “We are excited to finally unleash ‘The Fresh(man) Prince of Chi-City’ on our starting roster. Ayo is a premiere boozing talent with integrity and charisma to match.” Evaluators at the next level are already salivating over Ayo’s pro-ready 40 oz beer dash, and flip-cup shuttle speed. Expect the phew nom, with the least creative first name/surname combo in the Big10, to display remarkable patience as his bartender QB lines ‘em up at scrimmage, and to follow with elite power and agility as he takes down each defender (tequila & lime). One of the more balanced prospects in Wolverine history, “The sky is the limit for this West African juggernaut”, and the team looks forward to seeing him prove himself and grow during his first test on the Big Stage.