Aysha Malik

Whether she is working the dance floor at Circus, winning case competitions at Ross or working on social impact initiatives, Aysha “Watch Me Work” Malik has been getting the job done since her first desk job in 1992. After living in Florida, Tennessee, and DC this “Southerner” has slowly migrated to the Midwest– trading in her cowboy spurs for snow boots. “Watch Me,” as we call her, always takes advantage of any opportunity to bring her travels to the next level, and she has spared no effort in helping to plan this MTrek. Throughout our trip, Aysha will make sure everyone remains “normal” (a word with a whole new meaning in business school). By the end of No-prob-llama Peru, “Watch Me” will have you workin’ and twerkin’ with the best of ’em, ready to kick off your first semester at Ross!