Banafsheh Bagheri

Coming from a land far far away, Banafsheh is our second favorite Canadian (Justin Trudeau is first, obviously). Before Ross, she worked in the banking industry but then realized that she cared about people a little too much,  so she decided to transition to human capital consulting.  Banafsheh is the President of section 2 and even though she knows she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Ross, she pretends that Scott is equally as great as her. Besides being the section mom, Banafsheh is the VP of Corporate Relations on the Human Capital Capital and the VP of Communications & Marketing on the Canadians and Friends club at Ross. She is also on the GBR Super Committee, so you can thank her for the dinners and the bars you hit up on Friday night. Don’t let the committed, responsible side of her fool you. Banafsheh is super excited to eat all the food, drink all the drinks, party at all the parties, hike all the mountains, and survive all the rafting adventures with you.