Becca “9 PM” Herman

Meet her in St. Louis! Jk, she doesn’t live there anymore. When she’s not cranking out LBO models with other investment bankers on Wall Street, she’s actually kind of a chill girl. You can find her at yoga or pumping kegs at The Bus. Do not challenge her to a dance contest, she’s got granny moves that could burn down an Ann Arbor club. Becca is the finance tzar of our voyage and she rules with the iron fist of a historic Eastern European government. If you do not pay for that one Jack and Coke, she will have your head. A classic overachiever, Becca had her internship before school even started (we’re not jealous or bitter…). As Queen of the Wolverine Venture Fund, she knows who’s worth investing in, so make a good first impresh. She’s up to the task of conquering Eastern Europe, are you???