Becca “B-Dog” Toth

During her consulting days, she was dubbed “Bird Dog”/“B-Dog” by the client due to her get sh** done nature. It parlays into all facets of her life especially when having a good time and ensuring others do as well. This California Bay Area native (with a hint of New York) has snowboarded the alps, swam with whale sharks, meandered through Southeast Asia, snorkeled the frigid water between the North American and Eurasian continents, and crossed the Korean DMZ… for a minute. However, she firmly believes that life is meaningless without good wine and good company, so joining the Chile trek was a no brainer. Her recent spring break in Colombia sparked a love for South America and a desire to learn Spanish, but will start with the basics – singing along to Reggaeton hits. This summer Becca will be in SF searching for mythical unicorn acquisition targets for tech giants.