Ben “Don Benioni” Kounitz

It’s a bird? It’s a plane?! It’s definitely not Ben Kounitz! While Ben may be terrified of heights, he certainly isn’t afraid to bust a move on the dance floor. A unique species, Ben is known for his subtle but suave dance moves (lovingly dubbed “micro-movements”), his boisterous laugh, and his mastery of the kitchen (really just a weekly delivery of Blue Apron). These may be his only real talents, though, coming from a career in deceptio- I mean consulting. What is impressive is his choice to pivot to a career in bullshi- I mean banking. You’ll find him in tux presenting his finest bottle of Chianti; he has a palette so refined that he can taste notes of tree trunk and dandelion in a single sip. We expect he’ll slip away from the trip to pursue his true dreams of becoming a world-class Italian sommelier.