Ben Pearlman

Ben ICE ICE BABY Pearlman’s origins remain a matter of debate. A host of forged documents and doctored childhood photos suggest a sheltered upbringing in metropolitan Detroit, but corroborated eyewitness testimony affirms that he is the one and only love child of President Donald Trump and once Presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorina. It is said that Ben selflessly donated his right kidney to father Trump, who derives his superpowers from eating the organs of his young.

A second time Michigan Wolverine, Ben’s true love is healthcare consulting, closely followed by making stacks of cash, English Bulldogs, and flipping houses. Ben’s greatest challenge in life is to find an establishment in Europe capable of serving a) a cold, crisp beverage; b) over several cubes of ice, while c) in an air-conditioned environment. A visionary. A genius. A dreamer.