Bidnam Lee

Allow us to introduce Bidnam Lee, (aka “”Biddy””) former lax coach, copywriter, spoken word champion, unofficial Nike model, and hands down the most creative guy you’ll ever meet.  Besides having some serious flow, Biddy has a stellar sense of fashion; a lover of a good top button and the not-too-much-just-right amount of chambray. You can find him everywhere — at Ross, Skeeps, Big Ten Burrito — but never at home (much to the chagrin of his roommates).  His love for sandwiches is unparalleled. As the anointed leader of the trek, Biddy will keep this trek on track. Unless challenged to a dance off, where he magically transforms into a machine with endless battery life. Biddy was considered for the replacement for The Most Interesting Man in the World. Before you start Googling though, no, he doesn’t have Instagram. Too many fans out there. If he did, it would probably consist of photos from visiting his fam in Korea, living the life in Portland, surfing in Puerto Rico, and of course snaps of his fire Nike kicks collection.  Make sure you speak loudly to him and never give him dairy and you’ll get the best Bidnam you’ll ever meet.