Billy Grant

As the son of two soldiers, Billy pretends to answer the call of duty. When Joe asked him in passing to join the trek (aka go on vacation) Billy stepped up. A true hero.

Before Ross, Billy lived in DC and worked in the fintech UX space – whatever that means. He came to U of M for the School of Information but stayed for the Ross experience/shenanigans. When he’s not pulling a hamstring on the soccer field he’s insisting that interning at Twitter is more than just free food and accumulating a war chest of memes.

So what will Billy bring to the trek? He will cue his inner Larry David with lighthearted self-deprecating jokes, worst-case scenario brainstorming just for kicks, and a knack for asking obvious questions that are helpful ~20% of the time (not bad). Most importantly, he clears the minimum requirements of being fit to dance, drink, chill, and explore. LEGGO!