Bob Der

Bob “Bobby, but he’s rebranding” Der is a reformed EY auditor and finance operations consultant, and will be “most likely to ask the deep questions” on this trek. At Ross, Bob is involved in soccer club, give-a-day fund, wine club, LDRX, modeling for Follies, and flexing his public speaking skills whenever he gets a chance (watch out, Circ karaoke). As Bob will be coming off of his summer working in customer experience consulting in Chicago, if you see him lost in thought, don’t panic, he’s likely ensuring the #CX #CustomerJourney of all his trekkers while also plotting how to maximize quantity (and quality) of naps per day (see above photo from last years’ MTrek for proof). Known for the most well-defined calves at Ross, Bob will also make sure all of our adventures go according to plan, and even if everything is already according to plan, that they’re still going according to plan. His propensity for monitoring any given situation is just one indicator of his big heart and the passion he has for those with whom he shares life’s best moments. As a leader on this trek, Bob will be more than willing to provide a guiding hand and be a resource once things get real back in A2.