Brianna Brazell

Brianna hails from the deepest realms of the the American west: a mythical land of great salt lakes, mormon mysticism, and epic pow for the shreddin’. Although she is proud of her native Utah, she went east on a mission to spread social justice and the benefits of veganism. As a social impact folk hero, her starting salary will likely be unlimited hugs with a signing bonus consisting of a handful of organic sprouted mung beans. Bri is so passionate about the outdoors that she wears it on her sleeve, literally; she can always be found sporting her beloved flannel. When she’s not busy telling people that she’s vegan or fighting the establishment, Brianna spends her free time drinking red wine, saving the City of Detroit, and talking to her cat.

Likes: Four-hour ecology labs on Monday morning, collecting cats, vegan instagram, “sarcasm”

Hidden talent: Bri carries hummus on her at all times, even while sleeping or showering