Bridget “B MONEY” Manning

Don’t let her 100% interview-to-offer conversion rate fool you – Bridge is a one of a kind rally king who keeps the party alive. Whether it’s rapping every word of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts on a hotel roof in Split, or perfecting the number of chicken tendies to order, she is the leader who you’ll want carrying your MTrek. A former CPA and future Nike operations guru, have no doubts that she’ll be ready to leave Portland to carry on the legacy of the Ross Bus abroad – seriously, she literally has the keys to the Bus. Despite needing to be carried home fireman-style from the club last MTrek, being escorted from “Big House Jail” by campus police, and rocking a 6-month shiner, Bridge always bounces back faster than anyone at Ross. Bridge is the heart and soul of this crew and always makes sure we have a “wicked good time” (she likes to pretend she’s from Boston instead of Pittsburgh). So prepare for many alcohol credits, minimal debits – don’t worry you’ll get this after Fall A – and get ready to party with the Queen of the Bus.