Britta Volz

Queen Goddess of YOLO – You know you have reached a strange time in your life when you google: “Are there caterpillars in Greece?” The third most popular result? “Are there caterpillars in ketchup?” Meet Britta, a modern day Indiana Jones, only without the bullwhip and pathological fear of snakes (it’s caterpillars instead). She’s hung out with mummies in Peru and her passport definitely has more stamps than yours. Go ahead, (bull)whip it out and check. She also once ate a field mouse, just to see what it tasted like. She didn’t even chew. Before coming to Ann Arbor, Britta ran a camp. Naturally, she will be the one who makes us fire and leads us to the zenith of Mt. Olympus. Here in Michigan, Britta can be found with a bowl of green curry at No Thai! Did you think the Thai restaurant name puns were any better in Ann Arbor? Post b-school, Britta is recruiting for the “Federal Reserve Chair” to fix our (perpetually) broken economy. Janet Yellen, you’re on notice. She did her undergrad at (Tom) Haverford College just outside of Philly, which makes sense because Parks and Recreation are kind of her thing. Like the fictional namesake of her alma mater, Britta also knows a thing or two about bureaucracy: she’s from our Washington, DC. Britta misses the free museum entry, cherry blossoms, and, most of all, Obama. If you like winning, don’t bring a deck of cards to Greece. Britta will beat you at bridge. Every time. You may also get to witness a dance-off in Greece. When she’s not running the Social Venture Fund at Ross, Britta can be found tearing up the contra-dancing dance floor. Watch out, Monti, you’ve got some competition!