Bruce Wu

Bruce is your standard plain vanilla guy (that’s a lie) and live a boring life (also a lie) in picket fences (definitely a lie, no one in California can afford that). Follow the path of Harbin, China → Erie, PA → San Francisco, CA → Ann Arbor, MI, he’s just reintroduced to the S word (snow) and is ready for the sunny beaches of Pura Vida. As a true nerd, he has a math symbol tattooed and will bath you with the story of that symbol weather you are interested or not. He will pretend to be cool and know sports, but swiftly (more like awkwardly) switch the topic quickly because he’s still learning the difference between futball and football.


Bruce is not anti-social, but is pretty anti-social media. He has been living under a certain stone and does not have a instagram account, or for that matter twitter, snapchat, or whatever the new platform is. He’s also an adrenaline junkie so you can expect him to be on all the optional activities. Oh, did I mention he had an acting career that never took off?