Bryan Morel

Bryan was born in Virginia and raised in Florida, Rhode Island and any other state you can think of. A big shot consultant in his prior life, Bryan came to Ross to transition into marketing where he hopes to charm the consumer world with his award-winning personality and sense of humor. He survives almost completely on diet coke and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and has perfected recipes such as the Eggo PB&J and a version using a tortilla instead of bread reserved only for special occasions. Bryan is extremely sensitive about the fact that his name is spelt with a “y” instead of an “i”, and has been known to swap the letters when possible. Bryan has visited Europe many times and is an expert traveler, as evidenced by his monogrammed Tumi bag that he describes as “the one nicer than everyone else’s”. He is known around Ross as the smaller half of Bert and Ernie (see Robert’s bio below). Bryan has a ton of energy and is always up for a good time, and is definitely the guy you want with you as you close down clubs across Europe.