Candace and Jacob Johnson


Hailing from Detroit, MI, Candace has a unique outlook on life that has spurred her interests in a multitude of subjects, namely foreign language and culture, sports, literature and health. After high school she enrolled at the University of Michigan as a student-athlete on the women’s varsity volleyball team. Her spike is worse than her bite though, as she is calm, collected and easy-going. A seasoned traveler, she has traveled throughout the United States (including Hawaii) and has visited Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Japan, the U.K., the Dominican Republic, Turkey, the Bahamas, and has even lived in South Korea! Her free time is spent engrossed in her Ross studies, running the MTrek program, and raising her beautiful daughter Isabelle with her husband Jacob. She is unBELIZEably excited to welcome you all to the Ross family.


Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, his family of 12 taught him the value of ethics, hard work, dedication and perseverance. A childhood growing backyard gardens, raising rabbits, dogs and cats and hunting and fishing shaped him into the person he is today. A DIY-er and self-starter, Jacob splits his time between working for Chrysler and running his own contracting business. While he has only traveled internationally to the Bahamas with Candace on their honeymoon, Jacob has travelled domestically to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Ohio, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Illinois (Chicago is his happy place), and to the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania on a two-week white water rafting expedition in his youth. In looking to expand his horizons, he hopes to share this unBELIZEable experience with you!